We are looking for a very special person to help us starting immediately with 

our young
family of 2 children, 2girl. The children are wonderful,fun and adventurous. 

We are busy
type work takes most of our time and want a caring figure to work with us 

for at least 3
years contract. The person will be in charge of taking the kids to bed, taking 

them to
school and also bringing them from school in the afternoon and taking them 

in there
home work
Hours during term time are:
Monday & Friday 08:30-09:30, 15:00-18:00
Tuesday 08:30-21:00
Total of 30hours.
During school holidays all 3 days would be 08:30-18:00, 29.5 hours.
The employee will have his or her own bedroom with tv set and internet 

facilities, with a
personal bathroom, and also a car to drive around if necessary needed for 

leisure time.
and also the employee can travel for holidays
Any interested applicant should contact me through my email address
We would need references, CV and a photo....here is my emial...dany.marry55@gmail.com