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Detailed Terms of Reference for Intern

The purpose of the position is to provide overall administrative and finance support to Admin and Finance Department.

The detailed roles and responsibilities are:

1.       Support Account Officers in preparation of vouchers and entry in system
2.       Support in banking transactions (cash withdraw, deposits and other administrative work)
3.       Support in preparation of leave records and timely collection of timesheet
4.       Undertake regular visits to tax office
5.       Make monthly payment of utilities (i.e. electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc.) 
6.       Collect and check the accuracy of supporting documents and bills from suppliers
7.       Support Project Finance officer in preparation of supporting documents
8.       Maintains general office files and information in a manner that allows easy retrieval.
9.       Provide logistic support and travel arrangement for field staffs
10.   Liaise with logistic officer for repair and maintenance of office assets and office premises
11.   Support in office procurement
12.   Update vehicle logbook and keep its record
13.   Provide logistic support during office events, trainings and meeting
14.   Undertake others administrative and financial tasks as required.

If you are interested, please email your CV and a cover letter justifying why you are the best candidate for this position. Preference will be given to the residents near office address