PHP Software Engineer

Category: Information Technology
Position Type: Full Time / Contract
Education: Bachelors in Computer Science
City: Lalitpur

Job Description / Requirements
Position: Software Engineer


Work Experience: Preferably 2+ years.

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Computer Science or equivalent).

Required Skills:

  • PHP Laravel | Symfony
  • Knowledge/Experience in Front end programming like JQuery, AngularJS, Amber would be preferred.
  • Preferred Database Related Skills: Relational Database Management (MySQL | MSSQL | PostgreSQL).
  • System knowledge for any installations, configuration and system setups preferred.
  • Good communication skills in both spoken and written English.  

  • Develop product based on project specifications, company guidelines and proper code standard.
  • Support project analytically and provide reports.
  • Should be adaptive to company’s changing conditions.  

Please email your CV and a cover letter at 


Qualified candidate will be notified via email for interview date and whereabouts route details.