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HiredNepal.com has been launched on July, 2015 as a fresh career portal enabling all type of job opportunities including full-time, part-time, Internship or volunteering works, Entry Level or even Freelancer on permanent and contract roles. We includes job advertisement and posting from all sectors including Arts & Heritage, Education, Environment, Finance & Accounting, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Media, NGOs/INGOs, Retail Business, Technology and Others. The job-seeker can search jobs and apply to them across all relevant skills on any organisations listed on the site throughout Nepal.

Our main objective is to provide more relevant opportunities and career path for all of you who have got all level of skills. And to the Employer, we try to build the organisations information and credibility from history to future to become one step closer to the right candidate so that you would not have to hurdle too much to find the right people.

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